Explore all your end-of-lease options with the experts at Dreyer & Reinbold BMW North.

BMW Lease Return Options

If your lease is coming to an end and you’re not sure what to do next, explore all your end-of-lease options with the experts at Dreyer & Reinbold BMW North. You can decide to keep your current BMW, return it hassle-free, or lease a new BMW model. If you decide to return your BMW, the information below will help guide you through the experience. Whatever you decide, BMW Financial Services at Dreyer & Reinbold BMW North are here to help.

Explore all our latest BMW Lease inventory and Special Offers before you stop by for a lease return or test drive. Our finance specialists are here to assist you through the entire car loan, lease, or return process. We can also help you review early lease termination options, how to trade in your current lease early, and how to sell your leased vehicle.

Lease Return Steps

  1. Schedule A Pre-Inspection: BMW Financial Services will contact you when it is time to plan your pre-inspection. However, if you’d like to schedule a complimentary pre-inspection on your own, you can contact your preferred BMW Center or visit My BMW. You can also view our inspection guidelines below to have a better idea of what we’re looking for.
  2. Review The Results: Sign in to My BMW and access your Vehicle Return Estimate. You’ll find a clear and concise summary of estimated charges including recommended repairs, estimates of remaining payments, and more.
    If you’ve really enjoyed driving your BMW, you may find that you’ve exceeded your contractual mileage. BMW Financial Services offers a Mileage Adjustment Program* that allows you to purchase additional miles at a discounted rate prior to returning your BMW.
  3. Make Repairs: If your BMW needs some work done, we recommend visiting the experts at your local BMW Center. You can rest assured that all work will be done to the highest standard and using only original BMW parts. This can help avoid unexpected delays or additional charges resulting from the use of unapproved parts.
  4. Return Your Lease: It’s hard to say goodbye, but we know you’ll want to get into your next BMW as soon as possible. Contact your preferred BMW Center to schedule your final inspection and vehicle return. During your appointment, you’ll also sign a Federal Odometer Statement serving as confirmation of your vehicle return.
    If you’ve taken advantage of the complimentary pre-inspection and made the necessary repairs, you’ll be on your way in no time. If not, don’t worry – everything will be covered during this appointment.
  5. Review Your Statement: You can view any balance due or refund in process by accessing a copy of your Vehicle Return Statement by signing in to My BMW shortly after you’ve returned your vehicle. A copy will also be mailed approximately two to three weeks after your vehicle is returned.

BMW Leasing 

Unlock a thrilling and affordable ride with low monthly payments. If you like driving the latest BMW every few years and keeping your options as open as the road, leasing may be the most flexible option. With BMW Financial Services, you can personalize a lease around your driving needs – choosing term lengths, mileage needs, and more with low monthly payments. Additional benefits of leasing a new BMW includes:

  • Worry less about depreciation
  • Enjoy a lower down payment and lower monthly payments
  • Unlock multiple end of lease options
  • Peace of mind with warranty coverage

BMW Financing

Own your BMW and enjoy all the impressive ownership perks. BMW Financing Programs offer low rates, customizable options, and no mileage restrictions. And we even make it easy to leverage your trade-in value when it’s time to upgrade. Discover all the benefits and freedoms that come with BMW ownership[, including:

  • Drive without mileage limits
  • Worry less about wear and use
  • Build equity and sell whenever
  • Live payment-free after contract is over

Lease Return FAQs

You have three options available at the end of your vehicle term: choose a new BMW; purchase your current BMW; return your BMW. Please contact your originating BMW Center for more information on the option that is best for you.

To view your payoff information, go to the Account Details page for the vehicle you wish to purchase and then select Payoff Information from the navigational menu.

To purchase additional discounted miles on My Account, please visit the Account Details page and select Mileage Management.

Approximately 90 days from the end of your vehicle term, you will receive a Lease End Mailer. The mailer will outline your options as well as provide an inspection wheel. The inspection wheel can be used to determine any potential excess wear and tear. You should also expect to receive phone calls from both BMW Financial Services and your BMW Center as you approach the end of your lease.

When your vehicle term ends, please contact your originating BMW Center to schedule a return appointment. Please note that the only BMW Center required to accept the return of your vehicle is the BMW Center where the contract originated. However, you may return the vehicle to a different BMW Center as long as that center is willing to accept receipt of your vehicle. If you are planning to return the vehicle to a different BMW Center, we recommend contacting them directly to see if they are willing to accept the return and discuss the details of their turn-in process.

Yes, please contact your originating BMW Center regarding the vehicle inspection process. Please note: You may be required to complete an inspection through our third-party inspection company based on your originating BMW Center. Should you have any additional questions regarding the inspection, please contact a representative at (800) 959-4269, Monday through Thursday, 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. ET and Friday 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. ET.

When you return your BMW, the BMW Center will only be looking for items that came with the vehicle. You will be expected to return all keys, manuals, and accessories that the vehicle originally came with. If you had your excess wear and tear items repaired, you can give the coordinator a copy of the paid receipts. You will not have to bring any other paperwork with you.

Most BMW Centers are able to perform pre-inspections. Contact a coordinator at your local authorized BMW Center for more information. Should you have any additional questions regarding the pre-inspection, please contact a representative at (800) 959-4269, Monday through Thursday, from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. ET and Friday 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. ET.

You may have repairs completed at any authorized BMW Center prior to the return of your vehicle. If your vehicle was pre-inspected at a BMW Center, they will conduct a final inspection at the time of return. If your vehicle was inspected by our third-party inspection company, to have charges removed, you must send a copy of the itemized receipt showing the repair work completed and paid in full. Receipts can be uploaded to My Account by selecting the "Upload Repair Receipts" link on the Vehicle Return Estimate or My Account Dashboard.

If you replace the tires, charges will be assessed for each tire that is not of equal size, quality, and speed rating as your original tires. (You can find the speed rating label on the inside of the vehicle’s door jam.) Also, acceptable wear is a minimum of 4/32 of an inch of depth from the finish tread.

Please contact your local BMW Center or contact your Department of Motor Vehicles for your state's official license plate policy. Your Department of Motor Vehicles requires that you or your BMW Center return the plates to the Department of Motor Vehicles or local state agency and notify them to cancel the registration at the end of your term.

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