Reliability Comparison

There is a lot of back and forth on whether BMW or Lexus is the more reliable luxury vehicle brand. Both brands have their high points and the comparison ranges through models, maintenance, and standards. Lexus models seem to sacrifice looks where BMW excels at quality, streamlined approach while maintaining a high level of reliability with excellent driveability. We at Dreyer & Reinbold BMW North believe that you will find one of the most reliable and smooth driving luxury brands on the market. If you don’t believe us, come in and test drive one of our models.

Safety Comparison

BMW offers unparalleled safety options that range from Active Knee Protection, Adaptive Brake Lights, All-Season Traction, Enhanced Braking Systems, Night Vision and Lane Departure Warnings. We’re confident that you will find a safe, reliable and stunning vehicle at Dreyer & Reinbold BMW North.

Performance Comparison

We know what you want. You want to feel the rev of your engine, you want that hug the road action and luxury performance. US News has given BMW 4 Series and X5 both performance scores of 9.0. BMW has an overwhelming cadre of high performing luxury vehicles. Come feel the difference at Dreyer & Reinbold BMW North.

Luxury Small Car Comparison

BMW 3 Series earns a very high 8.7 overall score from US News. Showcasing a powerful engine and a well designed, compact ride. The engine zips and the handling is smooth while being fun. The 2 Series again outpaces the competition with a 8.7 overall points. If you want a small luxury car then look no further than the BMW 230i Series or 330i Series.

Luxury Midsize Car Comparison

With only one luxury midsize car in this lineup the BMW 530 Series showcases why sometimes less is more. With uncompromising fuel economy and powerful engine options to choose from the BMW 530 Series outperforms other vehicles in this category. Come test drive the smooth handling and performance that only the BMW 530 Series can offer.

Luxury Supercar Comparison

The BMW 7 Series biggest advantage over the Lexus is directly related to performance. No other luxury supercar can match the BMW 740 and 750 Series powerful V8 engine or the balance of comfort and handling. Check out additional 7 Series options from Dreyer & Reinbold BMW North. Test drive the 7 Series to see why the LS 400 is no match.

Luxury Hybrid & Electric Car Comparison

Our initial offering into the luxury hybrid and electric market is the all-electric BMW i3. The i3 is the only all-electric luxury vehicle from the major auto manufactures and it won’t disappoint the Eco-conscious consumer. Excellent handling with a unique look make this all-electric model a very unique and wonderful vehicle.

Luxury Compact SUV Comparison

BMW’s X3 is the top-rated luxury compact SUV by US News and the BMW X4 ranks highly on the list as well. The X3 truly excels in both power, comfort, performance, handling, and BMW expertise.

Luxury Midsize SUV Comparison

If you’re in the market for a larger luxury SUV then the BMW X5 will not disappoint. As one of the earliest luxury SUV models, the BMW X5 has tweaked and improved its performance and luxury amenities since inception. We’ve got some stiff competition with the RX 350 but take one look at the X5 and you know what’s right for you.