Reliability Comparison

When you’re looking for a luxury automobile you compare a variety of aspects. One of the most important criteria is the reliability of your new car. Now both BMW and Acura are known for reliability, but what separates the two auto makers from each other? We know that BMW excels at quality but retains that high level of driveability as well as offering clean, classic styling.

At Dreyer & Reinbold BMW North we want to help you get the right new BMW for you. If you want to shop around and check out Acura’s versus BMW’s, then by all means go ahead, we think you’ll come back and make the right choice. Come down and take a test drive or talk to one of our dedicated sales staff to compare some reliability features of BMW models.

Safety Comparison

BMW offers fantastic safety options including Active Knee Protection, Adaptive Brake Lights, All-Season Traction, Enhanced Braking Systems, Night Vision and Lane Departure Warnings. The BMW 330 Series also has scores a 9.6 / 10 from US News safety rating. You can be confident in you and your family’s safety in a BMW.

Performance Comparison

Here’s where a lot of BMW owners really feel the difference. They want a smooth driving car but also one that offers performance and handling. The Acura just can’t keep up with BMW history of performance. The Acura RDX scores a 8.2 out of 10 for performance from US News. US News has given BMW 4 Series and X5 both performance scores of 9.0. BMW offers unparalleled performance. Come try the difference at Dreyer & Reinbold BMW North.

Luxury Small Car Comparison

BMW 3 Series earns a very high 8.7 overall score from US News. The BMW 3 Series offers a powerful engine and a well designed, fun ride. The engine has power and handling that can only be experienced from BMW. The 230 Series again outpaces the competition with a 8.7 overall points. If you want a small luxury car then look no further than the BMW 230 Series or 330 Series.

Luxury Midsize Car Comparison

The luxury midsize car market has a lot of competition but BMW only offers one luxury midsize car in this market. The BMW 530 and 540 Series showcases why sometimes less is more. The Acura TLX ranks 12th in US News overall comparison. The BMW 5 Series ranks 3rd out of 15 luxury midsize cars. Come test drive the smooth handling and performance that only the BMW 5 Series can offer.

Luxury Hybrid & Electric Car Comparison

The Acura NSX is the lone category offering from Acura in the luxury hybrid & electric car. The NSX ranks 8th out of 14 in the luxury hybrid & electric car market. But it does disappoint in the looks department. The NSX may not be what every luxury electric car buyer wants. That’s why the BMW i3 is the car for you. Come experience the smooth driving, unique styling of the BMW i3.

Luxury Compact SUV Comparison

BMW’s X3 is the top-rated luxury compact SUV by US News and the BMW X4 ranks highly on the list as well. The Acura RSX is a fine vehicle but if you want to experience a lesser luxury compact SUV then go with the Acura. If you want to sand out from the crowd, make the smart choice with Dreyer & Reinbold BMW North.

Luxury Midsize SUV Comparison

If you’re in the market for a larger luxury SUV then look no further than the BMW X5. The Acura RX350 ranks #6 out of 21 with a score of 8.7 out of 10. The BMW X5 outperforms with a score of 8.8 out of 10. Take a test drive of both models and we’re confident you’ll make the right decision. When it comes down to buy your new SUV, make the smart choice and come to Dreyer & Reinbold BMW North.